Friday, February 13, 2009

Quarterly Report: On the Horizon Are a Number of Things and Not a One of Them is in the Least Bit Bad

The weather here on the eastern coast of the United States has been teasing us lately with spring-like bursts of warmth and light but let's not get ahead of ourselves: we'll spend a few more months shivering and may even get another blanket of snow or two before it's time to really take down the storm windows and dust off the patio furniture.

Similarly, I don't want to feel too close to the finish line with National Eye's work on our (provisionally but confidently titled) next collection of music Ramparts. But I'm sufficiently pleased with the progress made so far to mention it here. I'd say the thing is halfway to being three quarters done but by that I don't mean it's three eighths because it's way more than that and math doesn't mean anything in music unless you've been brainwashed by Donald Duck in Mathmagicland which, while totally entertaining, is an unreliable teacher (at best).

The heavy-lifting (writing the songs, convincing drummers to come over and learn them, buying new curtains) has been accomplished. Future Favorites will include: "Eat the Birds;" "Man with an Aim;" "Millun Years Or More;" "Drag the Lake;" "Sticky Murderer;" "Hum Along;" "All-Black Bloom;" "One Sad Volunteer" (I think); "Down the Volcano" (maybe); "Long Ago A Go-Go" (still need to get that one up on its feet); "Mama Shipwreck"; "Introducing Dr. War"; and maybe a few others with equally promising titles.

And I offer up those promising titles now for reasons obscure even to me. But there they are, for all to see. I suppose a fun game could be to try and guess which ones will be supergood and which ones will totally stink. Then again, you would lose that game because they're all gonna be totally good.

Meanwhile, looking backward instead of forward, previous album TFS didn't get any BAD reviews and even reared its hairy head on some Greatest Albums of the Whole Heaping Year lists, though not the big famous ones like F. Scott Fitzgerald's or L. Ron Hubbard's or H. Jon Benjamin's. But we appreciate that some people are listening and hope it continues to bring joy and prosperity to the world.

And looking forward again: keep an eye out for some outtake-y type songs from National Eye on an upcoming compilation from the Coalition of Independent Music Stores and Park the Van, alongside similarly rare tracks from the Spintos, Dr. Dog and the Capitol Years. We dug deep in the vault and it wasn't empty like Al Capone's at all in fact it was full of great songs.

I will mention that on this blog when it appears. In the meantime, please fill the comments with lavish praise.

Best of luck!

Thursday, February 12, 2009