Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Make It A Date To Come See NATIONAL EYE at the North Star Bar, Thursday 10/22 because DOUG KIRBY WILL BE THERE PLAYING

That's a picture Will took of Gretchen.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell everybody on the blog that National Eye will be performing a whole bunch of classics from our future album Ramparts (along with at least one classic from previous albums, though definitely not all of them because who has that kind of time?) at the North Star Barpub on Thursday, October 22.

And in a special surprise appearance that only you and he (and I) know about, playing up on stage with us will be Doug Kirby, whose last live appearance with NE was November 2006! That's longer ago than heck by most calendars!

Doug has of course been a huge part of recording the past two albums (or the past one [The Farthest Shore] and the future one [Ramparts]), but due to the size of our continent, he has not been able to perform with the group.

Also playing will be The High Strung, Floating Action, and Giant Cloud!

So please join us for this fun, wild, and completely accurate night of pleasures past, present and future!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Here's a contest you might win if you just enter it and cross your fingers and don't let any broken mirrors cross your path or get cursed:

The show they're talking about is going to happen on October 22 at the North Star Bar and it's going to be a banner night for several reasons, which I'll explain in further detail in an upcoming post to the blog. Until then, go buy something from this store and cast your will to fate!