Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brief Update!

Mixing is complete on forthcoming NE album entitled (no longer provisionally) Ramparts.

Just like last time, the mix was done by none other than Mr. Nick Krill, and he has done a bang-up job.

I'm excited about this one because about 90% was recorded since the release of The Farthest Shore which, for slow-motioners National Eye, is pretty quick work! Especially when one considers that most of Mr. Kirby's contributions were done via transcontinental mail (he lives in the desert in California -- I can't be any more specific than that -- and the rest of us live in Philadelphia).

Anyway, enough pattting of one's own back. Especially since it's not even available yet for listening and loving. But my hope is it will be before too terribly long. And some advance songs will be available even before too terribly longer. Or less long.

In the meanwhile, check out this nifty compilation Park the Van whipped out semi-recently:

Enjoy that and check back in soon about Ramparts details.