Thursday, December 24, 2009

Seasonal Cheer From NEHQ

Available here is a pretty little rendition of "When The River Meets The Sea," with apologies to Jerry Nelson, John Denver, and adorable otters everywhere. I've made it downloadable because I imagine it will be taken down once the holiday mood has passed. In the meantime, enjoy. It's not really about Christmas -- heck, it doesn't even mention snow! -- but everybody who knows it associates it with this time of year anyway.

Have a great one, all!


Friday, December 4, 2009

One Last Show For the 00's

National Eye has been active in some way for MOST of this decade that's about to end. Not all of it. But a lot of it. And now we're putting the 00's behind us with a final zerozero performance at Johnny Brenda's. Since the blog is kind of a secret fraternity, I'll share the probable setlist with you right here, right now. I think we're gonna do: "Millun Years," "The Attic," "Bless the Brigade," "Long Ago A-Go-Go," "Hum Along, Please," "Dread Flight of the Crimson Bee," "Silver Agers" and "Man with an Aim."

It should be pretty great. Writing out those songs makes me wish we had more of an opportunity to play them (and other songs) with this setup (Will, Gretchen, Gianmarco, Kyle, and Myself) to more people in more places -- and maybe at some point we'll be able to. In the meantime, it's a blast and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.
No news on the release of Ramparts but it will appear eventually. And music marches on: Gianmarco continues to thrill with his covers project, Gretchen's group Yellow Humphrey has some unstoppable recordings in the can, and stay tuned in the new year for more NE news, plus new sensations like The Human Torch Song Endeavor and OHOTMU. Can't say much about either right now, but since I've made them both public, at least now I HAVE TO DO THEM.
Until then,