Friday, May 1, 2009

Old Heroes

My searing guitar work on the new National Eye record is sure to go down in the annals of rock Christendom, prolly right next to whatever the analogue of Titus or 3 Colossians is....

in the meanwhile take a look at these old pics!

Here we have a nubile and lithe Rick posing with his brand new Telecaster!  He was a surly 22 years old in this picture and had just penned All The Money In The World, like that week.  Wait, maybe I can even find that and post it...this shit is hard...maybe next time.

Oh, Will!  With recently shorn hair...ascending the stairs TEN YEARS AGO.  Will's bass on the new record is going to kill you.

This picture of Jeff circa '98 is legendary.  

And that's me, making my keyboard work by touching it and what is that stupid piano exercise book on the music stand?   Please ignore that.  

I'm gonna look real hard for pictures of Gianmarco.  Maybe if you have some you can send 'em in?