Monday, September 28, 2009

New Arrivals On Planet Earth!

It is with great excitement and wonderfulness to report that Founding Member of our band National Eye just became a big old proud DAD. He and (non-founding member but where would we be without her?) wife Nancy just welcomed a little lady called Vivienne into this vale of tears. But don't worry: tears are OK if you're a baby, and so are vales.

So warm and hearty congratulations to them. Another non-founding member (but where would he be without us?) Kyle Lloyd had his very own child recently, so we might as well use this moment to celebrate all these young families.

IN SUM: best wishes to Will, Nance, Viv, Kyle, Jes, and Moll. May your enemies forever perish!

While we're talking extracurriculars (or, really, curriculars; THIS is extracurricular, no matter how much we love it, right?) (at least until those big royalty checks roll in) (next August), Gianmarco has posted two more terrific renditions of selections from the Great American/English/Canadian Songbook with a piano-ized take of "Bastards of Young" -- which is by the Replacements AKA the 'Mats which you should not confuse with "The Matz" who is the guy who shows up to Silver Ages practice less often than Bob Stinson showed up for 'Mats practice* -- and a de-piano'd take on "Love In Mind" by Neil Young.

I got an email from Neil yesterday and he said he hadn't heard it yet but he is "looking forward to it." This from the guy who still owes me a birthday present from like two years ago!

Here both hear:

Sorry. I meant, Hear both here:

More events on the horizon, but for the time being I'll be visiting babies.

All the best,

* Give him a break! He's got a kid!