Friday, March 6, 2009

National Eye Is Not The Only Band On Earth To Have Its Very Own Blog

Well, now there's some competition out there in the world of blogging about your band because I only just this morning found out from my third cousin (never removed!) Shai of the Capitol Years that he has started blogging and already there is a whole magical heap of totally great recordings and pictures posted on it.

Of course anybody reading this blog surely already knows about The Capitol Years. We've played 40 million shows with them and members of their band have been contributing to our albums since 2008 (which is a long, long time if you think of 2008 as more like 2006 which might be more accurate and time is unfixable anyway) and we even went on that tour where they were us and we were them.

And maybe Shai will post audio from that tour, who knows. Or maybe we will on this blog. Because it's history and history isn't going to repeat itself, you have to do the repeating for it if repeating is what you want.

Already up on the blog is a recording of a live performance where members of NE joined TCY (for the first time, I guess!) to play songs from TCY's country & western album Pussyfootin'. Check it out, but leave any comments you might have on this page not that one because I want to win the blog war. BAD.

More NEws on the way!

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