Friday, September 26, 2008

Paint the Fence Invisible

I promise not to use this blog as a "Cool Junk" repository for whatsis web widgets but I'm a little tired today after our Really Fun Show And Thanks For Coming If You Came, and can't think of much else to say here. I could tell you about the dinosaur bone I found but my camera's broken and you wouldn't believe me without pictures (it is the size of a small car).

And also this video is totally amazing. It was sent to me by a friend because we were talking about something and it seemed appropriate and so I thought "Ah, cool, Joni doing Woodstock at Isle of Wight, nice" but then it goes into something weird and kind of wonderful.

(I would "embed" it or whatever but it's Friday and I'm tired and don't know how.)

I'm a sucker for language like this. He's clearly a jerk and was probably an nuissance to his friends and family for years before and after this, but it takes a special clarity of purpose to come up with a line like "paint the fence invisible" in the middle of a mescaline-pitched harangue.

I'm also heavily, heavily, heavily into Joni's story about the Hopi Ceremonial Dance. Enjoy this little clip and also loan me a camera so I can take a picture of this dinosaur bone. My guess is: brontosaurus fibula

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