Monday, October 6, 2008

Exclamation Points!!!

Jeff loves posting pictures of himself but what's even better is posting pictures made by himself such as this one I'm posting now. It is at the moment the leading contender in the MAKE A MASK THAT LOOKS JUST LIKE THAT CAT CONTEST but don't worry he's been disqualified for drug use (chamomile) and nepotism and other crimes against humidity. So you don't have to make one as good as this one just make one that expresses your true feelings and addresses many of the issues of our day.

Speaking of our day, I read in the news this morning that people in Green Bay which is really close to where I used to live are deciding NOT to vote for the jerk, so let's give them all a round of applause.

Which brings us to the subject of applause. Which is what you'll hear if you get The Farthest Shore next week when it comes out because you'll be the one applauding the great job National Eye did on the music on the album. But don't clap too loud because clapping can lead to blisters and blisters can lead to embarrassing handshakes and those can lead to death. Just ask Jeff Love!

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