Thursday, October 16, 2008

"The Farthest Shore" Listening Competition

So far I, From a Fountain, have listened to "The Farthest Shore" on my:

1. Stereo: from iPod.
2. Car Stereo: from iPod.
3. Tiny Computer Speaker #1: from iTunes.
4. Tiny iPhone Speaker: from iPhone.
5. Tiny Computer Speaker #2: from the Internet. 
6. Studio Monitor Speakers AS I WAS RECORDING ON THE ALBUM!!!!: from component .wav files.

So I win this competition.  SO FAR.  

Through which medium and via what technology (please follow inspiring format as above) have YOU listened to TFS?  GO!


thizz99 said...

well, hello!

i came across your blog due to a curious turn of events. let it be noted that these said events did NOT involve my uber-hot boyfriend (whom i am desperately in love with) forwarding this link to me via multiple gChat windows while i was at work where i blog for a living. oh, and dental benefits.

i have in turn chosen to, without any sign whatsoever of outward or inward invitation, take this opportunity to say that i find this 'from a fountain' feller to be somewhat of a loose cannon with not much sense attached to him or his storytelling abilities. and, let us face it, this "contest," or what-have-you, is nothing short of absurd ; it is merely contained commentary with no end or winner in sight. a(n) (un)veiled kudos-attempt for this caballero to high five himself in the vast blogosphere that IS

of course, one has to admit, while forming an opinion of this shifty character that his bare chested picture is something to marvel at.

a phone number or electronic mail address would be severely appreciated as i would love to bloodthirstily thrust my tongue down his esophagus.


from a fountain said...

I can be reached at 323-336-7025, especially after 1 am, or also via handjob.

Will Baggott said...

I don't approve of this type of dialogue.

R/NE said...

This is a family blog, kids. Go write on each other's Facebook walls or something.