Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Unrelated To Our New Album Department Presents: A Really Great Live Song By National Eye!

Sometimes even this blog needs a break from the outrageous media blitz explosion that has accompanied our humble release of a little album we made called The Farthest Shore which you can download right now from any number of safe, secure digital music vendors.

But yeah, so I thought I'd change things up a little bit with this nifty recording from a while back where we played in Atlanta, Georgia (birthplace of Candice Bergen) at a place called The Earl (birthplace of Earl Palmer, drumming brother of Carl). I think this was on tour for The Meter Glows, if you can believe that! Or maybe it was just for fun.

At any rate, fun is what we had, as you can tell by this F-U-N rendition of the song "Between Sleep and Sleep" which was written by Jeff Love and would often feature him throwing his guitar down and doing "moves" in front of the stage to the delight of our Southern fans.

So here it is. Don't forget to enjoy the heck out of it!

photo courtesy of Freshout Media and Horse Fancy Magazine

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Jeff Love said...

Oh man. I remember after the show we were driving away and somebody put the recording of the show on and everyone started dissecting every little thing that went wrong with the show and I screamed "Take me to the nearest FOOD LION!" and I bought everyone a ginger ale and after that we never talked about it ever again.