Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's Finally Here: TFS In Stores Now (and by "Stores" I Don't Mean the Actual Kind I Mean the Futuristic Kind That Are On Your Computer)

I called up the government today to see if I could register October 14th as NATIONAL EYE AWARENESS DAY what with our album The Farthest Shore coming out today and all. They said "No, we already have one of those and it's about eyesight not music." So then I asked about NATIONAL NATIONAL EYE AWARENESS DAY because that way it's making the thing go all across the country but also it's about our great group. And they said, "No, that just sounds stupid." There followed a long silence. Then they said, "How about NATIONAL SCISSOR SAFETY DAY? That's available." And at that point I hung up.

Anyway, holy ship the album came out! Go buy it!


from a fountain said...

I hereby challenge each reader to find the post where Rick does NOT use the word "Fauntleroy".

Katie L. Thompson said...

Will this be released in actual cd format? I want to buy a cd.